Is there any spidev*.* in Jetson AGX with native JetPack 4.6?

Hi, all,

I want to check the SPI1 loop test with spidev_test tool.

but I can not find out any spidev*.* in AGX JetPack 4.6 .
first,I want to confirm . for This JetPack version ,do we need to build the spidev device tree or module?

Insert the spidev module by below command.

sudo modprobe spidev

Yes,It works well.
but it only appear spidev0.0 spidev0.1
do it mean only for spi1? if I need to use other spi2 and spi3,I need to build the device tree and driver,right?

Yes, need device tree modification.

got it ,Thank you