Xavier SPI guide issue

Hi, I find a topic to talk about TX2 SPI usage.

I want to know does Xavier has a similar page like this at elinux


If so, can you give me the link?
If not, does the process is fit Xavier in same way.


Have a reference to below topic.


thanks, Shane
this topic you give is after SPI driver work.
does the SPI on the Xavier is default open?
to my opinion, I should do some kernel work first to enable the SPI, and then use the SPI_TEST

so the question is:

  1. How to enable the SPI, I find TX2’s guide but not Xavier.
    2.where is the spi_test file?

thank you very much for your patience

I find there are these steps to realize the SPI
1 Locating the SPI Pins
2 Building SPIDev Module
2.1 Downloading the Kernel Sources
2.2 Configuring the Kernel
2.3 Building the Kernel
2.4 Verifying SPIDev Module
3 Modifying the Device Tree
3.1 Installing DTC Tool
3.2 Decompiling Device Tree
3.3 Update The Device-Tree
3.4 Recompiling the Device Tree
3.5 Enabling the New DTB
4 Verifying SPIDev Device