Is there Bluetooth IMU sensor for Jetson AGX Xavier?


It was failed to connect Bluetooth IMU sensor of Wit-Motion to Jetson with Intel 8265NGW Wireless NIC module.

How can I connect between them and get data?

Also, could you recommend the bluetooth IMU sensor for Jetson AGX?


Hi, we don’t have such recommendation. For Jetson interface info, please refer to Design Guide and carrier board spec in DLC. If no finding there, you may check with vendors in ecosystem.

It works to commnuicate between WT901BLE sensor and Jeton that has 8265NGW via Bluetooh.

Python package Bleak is great helpful to connect and receive notify data from the sensor. The sensor’s address and UUID are required to get data.

If you want to c++ based library, gattlib might be a good choice. I think the library is easy-to-use than Bluez.


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