Jetson AGX Xavier not detecting MKey E (Intel Bluetooth + WiFi Module)

I have attached a Intel Wifi + Bluetooth Hardware but xavier is not showing up I mean I am unable to get the hardware.

I am able to use WiFi with following thread: “” but still unable to use Bluetooth

Could you confirm what interface is your card using for bluetooth?

Card is using M2 Key E which is at the base of AGX Xavier Developer Kit. And now system has started crashing because of WiFi thing I made it work using the above given link. Please help

No, I meant the interfaces like pcie/usb or something else.

Please also share the dmesg or UART log from serial console for us to know what error you have.

The interface is PCIE. I am new to this can you please tell me about getting dmesg or UART log so I can post it here

Please refer to this thread.