Is there something special I need to do with my ConnectX 4 LX cards so they will work with Cisco BI-Di Transceivers?

I’m trying to connect new ConnectX 4 LX cards to a Cisco Nexus 93240YC-FX2 switch using Cisco Bi-Di Transceivers (SFP-10G-BXD-I/SFP-10G-BXU-I) to minimize fiber usage, but I cannot get the link to come up. The link lights turn on and Windows thinks it’s connected, but it doesn’t receive any data. MLXCables shows that the transceiver is seeing light, but it’s not getting any data. If I put the two transceivers back to back (P1 to P2 on the card) nothing lights up, windows doesn’t think it’s connected, but MLXcables show that both transceivers are seeing good light. I tried the latest Drivers and updated the firmware to the latest, but I’m unable to get data passing. Is there anything I need to do on the card to activate Bi-Di communication? I would think it’s all in the transceiver, but maybe I’m missing something.

Hello Jurrens,

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Looking at the ConnectX4 LX’s compatibility matrix it does not look like the transceivers or the switch you are using is supported. You can find a list of supported hardware for the ConnectX4 LX here:

We recommend testing with one of the switch or cables listed here.

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