Isaac-sim 2022.2.0 launcher error:GLXBadFBConfig

GUI launch: i click on the isaac-sim launch button from Omniverse launcher, and then the button display the software is launching, but it stop with nothing finally
script launch: i run the file in the isaac_sim_2022.2.0 installation directory. an error occured(follow the picture)

@2290936057 i am just another user passing by, if you could upload the two log files for mods/devs to look over, it may help facilitate the process:

off topic, i think you could consider upgrading to Isaac Sim 2023.1.0 hotfix.1 to stay up to date to the latest version. lastly, here’s a useful reference in case it may come in handy later on - Linux Troubleshooting — Omniverse Developer Guide latest documentation

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Hi @2290936057 - Can you please update Isaac Sim to latest version (Isaac Sim 2023.1.1) and try using that?