Isaac Sim A100

From what I can see/read in discussion it seems like the A100 is not supported for Isaac Sim (Isaac sim + orbit docker on HPC) whereas this is the main GPU used in the original Isaac Gym paper( May I ask why this is the case? Or if/when such support will be available in the future?

@erin11 i am only speculating here as another user; but, from the sound of it, the development is now leaning more heavily with Isaac Sim. and perhaps, it’s to leverage hardware with RT cores to better utilize and visualize a large scale simulation environment.

the devs/mods will certainly have more accurate information, so i’ll defer to them. and, they may be able to outline any support for A100 cards, if at all planned, for the future.

For utilizing larger scale environments the A100 (especially the 80GB variant, which we would like to be able to use) should be much faster than RTX GPU’s. Not providing support for server cards as the A100, H100, and upcoming B100 severely hampers the adoption of Isaac Sim by companies and universities, and is currently the only roadblock for using it by our autonomous drone racing team. I understand that RTX cards are required for raytracing, but can’t this feature be turned off to allow for server-card usage?

This difference is the only reason why our MAV-lab for example still uses Isaac Gym (GitHub - ntnu-arl/aerial_gym_simulator: Aerial Gym - IsaacGym Simulator for Aerial Robots) which Nvidia is trying to phase out as far as I’m aware.