ISAAC Sim on Jetson Nano


Is it possible to develop and run the Kaya simulation on Jetson Nano?


Hi Alex,

You can run the Kaya sim app on a Jetson nano, but the simulation itself should run on a desktop.


So basically a desktop with at least something like GTX 1080 / RTX 2060 is required for development, right?

Well RTX 2060 is not required, but GTX 1080 is the minimum and Titan xp would be a good option

Thanks! Sorry to bother, just wanted to make sure on the exact config with the RTX series - would 2060/70/80 work? GTX 1080 is a hard[-er] to get here in Germany these days, but RTX cards seem to be widely available.

How about Titan series? they are a very good match for Isaac Sim.
RTX series have some minor issues, as you could see in the doc:

Hi I was wondering if the Quadro P3200 in the HP ZBook was supported for use with the ISAAC Simulator or should I consider a lower range HP Omen with an RTX 2070?