Isaac Sim in Kubernetes

I’m attempting to follow the guide to get headless isaac sim deployed on-prem. It seems that the sim doesn’t encounter any critical errors, but I never see the “Isaac Sim Headless Native App is loaded.” message pointed out in the docs. How would I go about debugging the deployment?

Just to try my luck I tried connecting from the Omniverse Streaming Client - I get a black screen for ~10 seconds and a “failed to connect”. Blindly debugging, I wire-sharked to see what it tries to talk to to try to unclog the pipes. I had to expose ports 8211 and 48010 but I now see a bunch of packets flying on both. Still same black screen for ~10 seconds and “Unable to initiate a connection to the server” generic error banner.

So I now have no clear indication of what might be wrong and the sim is not connecting / working. The websocket on 48010 seems to just terminate arbitrarily and the pod itself has no obvious errors.


Hi. Please confirm you have opened all ports needed by OV Streaming Client. See Using Omniverse Streaming Client — Omniverse Streaming Client documentation

Please also share your Isaac Sim logs.