Isaac Sim not streaming via Omniverse Streaming Client

I have a remote instance running Isaac Sim which i want to stream on my computer. The remote instance uses Ubuntu 20.04 and my personal computer is using Ubuntu 18.04. When I deploy Isaac Sim on the remote side via the container I am able to do so (“Isaac Sim Headless Native App is loaded” shows in the terminal).

On my personal computer, when I enter the IP address of the remote instance, a black screen appears and the connection is lost shortly after
kit-remote.log (2.8 KB)
. I have attached the log file. Please help.

Hi @user10687 - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to your question.

Hi. Please share your Isaac Sim log too.
Are you running both Isaac Sim and Streaming Client on the same machine?

Hi. I was able to resolve this by creating new firewall rule in the cloud instance that was running Isaac Sim as per instructions here

Also, to answer your question, I was running Isaac Sim on a Google Cloud instance and the Streaming Client on my personal machine. Thanks !!

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