WebSocket streaming, client not found

Hi everbody,

I am trying to run a remote headless instance of isaac-sim and then connect to it using a broswer via websocket transport. However when i try to connect to: http://<ip address>:8211/streaming/client the server responds with a 404 not found.

The container runs seamingly fine and procudes:

[53.916s] RTX ready
[53.959s] Isaac Sim Headless Websocket(Deprecated) App is loaded.

at the end.

A few things about my setup:

  • I am running on a server vm using a A100 GPU. I know that this GPU does not support NVENC so I am using the H264 software encoder version of the websocket transport. Are there any plans on enabling this for webrtc based streaming?
  • I have checked that the correspoding ports are open. I can also connect to the webrtc based client without any stream however, which is probably due to the missing NVENC on the GPU
  • I am running /isaac-sim:2023.1.0-hotfix.1

Based on the missing NVENC in the A100 are there any plans on supporting the A100 with Omniverse any further?

Any help is greatly appreciated
Best regards

EDIT: I have just checked, the issue persists with version 2023.1.1

Hi @andre.gilerson1 - Did you get a chance to read the document? WebSocket is deprecated in Isaac Sim 2023.1.0

HI @rthaker Yes I have seen t his, however generally deprecated means this will be removed in the future, as is noted in the Warning. Since this is the only way for me to utilize isaac-sim on the A100 as far as I understand, and websocket transport is only supposed to be removed in the 2024 release I would be very interested to get it working. The Question still remains, on what the Plans are for supporting the A100 with future Omniverse/Isaac releases?

@andre.gilerson1 I have the same problem with connecting to server with A100 via websocket, have you found a solution?