IsaacSim: How to create "Action graph for AckermannDrive" for ROS/ROS2?


We don’t find any samples or tutorials about how to create “Action graph for AckermannDrive”.

Are there any one success to create “Action graph for AckermannDrive” on IsaacSim?

We would appreciate if you share us “success example” such as “Subscribe Twist Example” like below.

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Hi @mat-h ,

This will be a tutorial in our upcoming Isaac Sim release scheduled for mid-May!
For now here is a sneak peak at the Ackermann Tutorial.

In this tutorial we are controlling the Forklift C asset.

Note we have 2 articulation controllers. One is used to control the steering joints and the other is controlling the main drive joints. The corresponding joint names in the articulation node would have to be updated.
Main Drive Joints: [left_back_wheel_joint, right_back_wheel_joint]
Steering joints: [left_rotator_joint, right_rotator_joint]

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more details.


Thank you very much for your kindness.
I really appreciate your help.
This information is very helpful!

I’d like to try that!

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