If there are any good idea for built-in forklift control

Hi, I want to use the built-in forklift model to do some simulation, but there are only differential and holonomic controller for vehicle control. Since the forklift is a single servo model, I cannot simply use these controller. So I try to use dynamic controller to control the forklift’s wheel and swivel joint by setting set_dof_velocity_target and make it move by ackermann cmd. But it is not very smooth. Is there any better idea for the forklift or tricycle model control?

Hello @mkfmarkurt! Thank you for your question. I’ve asked an expert from the dev team to come give you some assistance! They should be replying shortly.

Also the moving direction of forklift model is different from other robot in Isaac, which is moving through y-axis and other robot moving through x-axis. Is there any way to change a model’s it’s coordinate system?

Thank you @mkfmarkurt! I am moving this post over to the Isaac Sim team for further assisstance!