ISP Calibration for 2 different sensors working together

Hi all,

I was wondering, if we develop 2 different drivers for 2 different sensors to work together in the same system, is there a way to calibrate a camera_overrides.isp file to contain independent configuration for both? Is that possible? Or are both going to use the same ISP calibration?

We would like to use 2 different sensors, but we are not sure how the ISP configuration would be managed in this case.

Thanks for your help.

Did you have tools to get the camera_overrides.isp? This tools only release to camera partner, you can contact them to help you to gen it for your case.

Yes, the system can load different calibrations for different sensors. If you run argus daemon in the foreground you’ll see the various .isp files that it tries to load. It will attempt to load an isp file based on the ‘badge’ property from the camera module node located at tegra-camera-platform/moduleN in your device tree.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your feedback. It is good to know different sensors can have special independent calibration.