Multiple ISP config for several image sensors

Hi all,

We’re currently using two different camera modules that have different bayer image sensors with different color paterns (One is RGGB and second one is RCCG), we’re wondering if there is any approach to have have two ISP configurations for each sensor, for example

/dev/video0 is the channel of the RGGB imager, the isp config file is camera_override_rggb.isp
/dev/video1 is the channel of the RCCG imager, the isp config file is camera_override_rccg.isp

Is there any Linux commands to configure the ISP overriding pipeling for each sensor (channel) ? From, now there is the commands we are using to override ISP, but when using LibArgus, the ISP is applied for all the channels

# Remove default ISP binaries
sudo rm /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/nvcam_cache_*
sudo rm /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/serial_no_*

# Copy new ISP
cp <path>/camera_overrides.isp /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings

# Apply ISP
sudo chmod 664 /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp
sudo chown root:root /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp

Is there any way to use different ISPs for the the several channels ?


hello chakibdace,

ISP override files is specific to sensor hardware, it’s possible for using different ISPs for these two cameras.
please also refer to Module Properties session, there’s badge property to include an unique identifier, which is used by camera SW driver to recognize the specific ISP override files.

Hi @JerryChang

Thank you for your feedback, i’m sorry but i don’t understand how to link the sensor with the isp file.

For example i set in the DT the badgae of my sensor : badge = “my_sensor” and my isp file is camera_override1.isp.

Where can i link the isp file and the sensor, is directly in the sensor driver ? Or in LibArgus ?
Can you please give an explicit example ?


hello chakibdace,

please check below example…

here’s Xavier NX device tree, please notice the badge property.
there’s a word RBP194 as an unique identifier.

        tcp: tegra-camera-platform {
                compatible = "nvidia, tegra-camera-platform";
                modules {
                        cam_module0: module0 {
                                badge = "jakku_front_RBP194";

in the ISP override file, it’ll having part# to distinguish the camera modules.
for example, it’ll have the same string, RBP194 by checking the exactly override file,

    "#* Part#: RBP194\n"
    "#* Sensor: IMX219\n"

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