Not working multiple ISP not for several image sensors

Hi all,

I have opened a forum that was closed about having multiple isp configuration (camera_overrides.isp) for several camera modules, the link below

In the device tree, in the node tegra-camera-platform, i’ve updated the badges for both of camera modules like below

/* Device tree node of TCP */

// module0
badge = "front_ISPBASE"

badge = "rear_ISPCUSTOM"

And in the camera override files:

// ISP 1 file 

// ISP 2 file

Notice that the isp files have the same name camera_overrides.isp, i applied both but when i apply the second one, it overrides and remove thd first one.

Can you please tell how to apply both of the ISP to have an ISP configuration for each channel.


hello chakibdace,

may I know the real use-case?
for example, please give more details for having different tuning files for your dual camera setup.

this is not supported currently. since it’s only single camera_overrides.isp file under /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings

Hi @JerryChang

I already gave an example of a use-case in my previous example, i’m currently using two different camera modules with differemnt bayer image sensor, one is RGGB and the second one is RCCB, i need to an isp config file for each of the image sensor.

By the way, i want to use a short range camera for object detection, and another one for long range object detection as i am using GMSL2 camera modules.

But, it seems in my previous post that is possible by configuring the badge in the device tree and the Part in the camera_overrides.isp file…

Thank you

hello chakibdace,

that badge-id to distinguish different override files has to be done in user-space drivers.

Hi @JerryChang,

I don’t understand, what do you mean by user-space driver ? Do you mean in the LibArgus application for data capture ? If yes can you provide an example of such an application ?


hello chakibdace,

it is /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/
there’s capability to have specific file to assign the settings to different camera modules per badge ID.
however, this doesn’t supported through public forum discussion thread.

@JerryChang Can you please tell how get access to this feature, if it’s not open for public, is it only open for NVIDIA partners ?


hello chakibdace,

it’s not open for public.
for example, it’s the approaches to include different camera modules ISP setting into pre-built binary,

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