ISP Support for monochrome sensor in Jetson TX2 NX

We are working on a project with Jetson TX2 NX with Monochrome image sensor AR0234CS. As the sensor is monochrome can we use Jetson’s internal ISP? or Do we need to use any external ISP?

image (5)


hello akesh.chacko,

you’ll need specific ISP tuning file settings to enable monochrome supports. please contact with your sensor vendor for the settings.

hello JerryChang,
For ISP settings, do we need to contact AR0234CS vendor(onsemi) or Nvidia camera partners?

FYI, we are making a custom board with AR0234CS monochrome sensor (not in bayer format).


hello akesh.chacko,

please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for your camera solution supports, thanks