Using ISP features with custom pixel format GREY 8-bits for the ov9282 sensor

I’m trying to use the Jetson ISP for the auto exposure and noise reduction features for the ov9282 monochrome Sensor.

I create my driver inspire by imx185.c and ov9281.c and by following the Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide

I had to create my own custom pixel (grey 8-bits) format by following this topic.

Now I can correctly get image by using my driver with the V4L2 API but it seems that I can’t use Libargus application and nvarguscamerasrc anymore.

I just want to know if it is possible to use all the Nvidia Stack (ISP, libargus, gstreamer plugins) by using a custom pixel format for a mon mochrome sensor ?

Thank you in advance !

hello thomas.rieder ,

we’re not support monochrome sensors through ISP for Nano series.

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