ISR 9024D-M reset admin pwd / factory reset


New to Infiniband and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I picked up an ISR 9024D-M for my home lab (studying for certs VMware mostly), and the seller didn’t reset the password. From reading a number of posts here I have been able to locate and test the defaults for “manager” (Grid vision) and root for CLI. I tried hold the reset for 30 secs, but that didn’t work. Have I over looked something obvious? Should i be looking for a firmware update to reset it?

Also, can the fan unit be safely removed? I seem to recall reading somewhere when i was comparing, that it can if you aren’t running all 24 ports?

Thanks for your time

Hi Dan,

If admin/123456 didn’t work try the below procedure (will require console access):

While unit is booting you should hit ctrl-c and when prompted for login

user : admin

password : 123456

you should get prompt

Safe mode%

in here (as shown below from my unit) is an option to restore default.

0 login: admin


Safe mode%

Safe mode%?

Command Description

ip-address - set/show ip address

default-geteway - set default geteway

show-ip - show ip

route-show - show route table

ping - ping

telnet - telnet

update-software - get new software version by FTP

factory-default - use factory default configuration

set-config-old - use old configuration

import - import configuration by FTP

reload - reload the nVigor

? - help

Safe mode%

Good morning,

I appreciate the information, however I sent the switch back to the seller yesterday. They are supposed to reset everything and return it to me. If they are unable to I will certainly give your suggestion a try.

thank you