Issue in booting board with 32.6.1 on custom board

I have a custom carrier board with nano SoM
I am trying to port it to 32.6.1 L4T. Manually ported uboot following uboot porting guide. Flashing to the custom board has no issue
But the board is not booting.

Have attached the serial log.

@WayneWWW Could you please help me on the above issue…


serial.txt (37.5 KB)

I don’t think you need to port any uboot binary. Just the default one should be ok.

If it cannot boot, then the issue is from something else, not the uboot. Could you confirm that first?

Thanks for the reply @WayneWWW ,
Will confirm the remaining things and will update.


Hi @WayneWWW ,
I think the issue is with the custom dtb as the board does not boot only with custom dtb.
Could You please help me with the link to download the latest pinmux sheet used for jetson nano devkit as I am not able to find it.


Please check

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