Jeston Nano not booting on customized carrier board

Hi guys,
We did the test on our customized carrier board, the power supply worked well, but the jeston nano didn’t boot normally.
We checked that the voltage of the pin SDMMC_CD is 0.
Could you please tell us how to debug the system? Looking forward to your reponse.
Best regards

The default pinmux is for Jetson Nano developer kit. If you have deviation, please modify the pinmux accordingly and re-generate device tree. If the device tree matches your custom board and you still get 0 V in the pin, it may be an hardware issue and suggest check the board physically.

@DaneLLL Thank you for the response.

I just want to tell you the difference in our carrier card. NO HDMI, instead we use USB port for communication. I want to confirm if the serial communication is possible using USB port? I am using a standard image on the NVIDIA Board + carrier board. It does boot perfectly, so I used the same on our customized board.

We are new to the platform, your inputs are highly appreciated.

No, serial console is on uart. Not usb.

thank for the reply @WayneWWW

do you mean these pins?
so we have USB and In our custom board, we don’t have HDMI to connect to the screen, what is the possible solution to connect the Serial port for the development?

This is how we dump log from devkit.

Also, What value can we expect at SDMMC_CD here (TP1) in our case?

Please do not try to ask all the questions just in one thread. This topic is only for boot.

Also, do things one by one. If you even not able to know whether the board can boot up or not, then I would say leave your sdcard issue later.

yes you are right. I will move to the SD card part later. Thanks!

@WayneWWW Here in this article, they use UART pins. I understand about it, but on our custom carrier board, we don’t have UART pin headers. What is the possible solution here to connect the serial console?

Please check with our devkit schematic from the download center and connect the same pin to your board…

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