Jetson Nano won't boot without UART to USB attached to serial console

We are working on a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano. The custom board does not have any display output. The serial console UART is level shifted with a circuit very similar to dev kit as shown in the schematic below.

We are unable to get our Jetson to boot without removing our level shifter and connecting directly to a converter cable like this: We know that the Jetson is not booting because it will blink an LED when the system starts successfully. When the Jetson does boot the serial console displays the log below.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? We are considering disabling the serial console to see if that will allow the module to boot but would like to know if there is perhaps another problem before doing this.

boot_04_20_12_55.txt (29.8 KB)


hello benjamin.plamondon,

there’re logs of i2c transfer timed out errors,
please check developer guide, Disable Console over UART to disable console printing.