Jetson nano No Display wont boot

Please help,
when i turn on my jetson nano
Led = power on
Fan = power on
Display = no display

This is the result when i connect it to a Serial Console (TTL to USB converter)
click here

Howe about you try other kind of usb-ttl cable? It looks like the converter is not compatible with your host.

this is the only cable that i have T_T

ill have to order the right cable. huhuhu gonna wait another week for this.

Have you tried to flash your board with sdkmanager? If your board cannot boot, then eventually you may need to use that.

Im trying to. Hope this will solve it.

I think I’m stock here

Can you share some guide on how to properly do it on a jetson nano?

Change from Automatic setup to manual setup.

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It works!

Thank you for helping me☺️

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