Issue launching USB camera via RTSP on Jetson Nano


I have been trying to set up an RTSP server for a USB camera through gstreamer.

This command seems to work fine for my pc but ain’t working for Jetson nano.
gst-rtsp-launch "( v4l2src ! autovideoconvert ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,width=450,height=300 ! queue ! x264enc tune="zerolatency" byte-stream=true bitrate=10000 ! rtph264pay name=pay0 pt=96 )"

Please can you help me forming a command for Jetson nano?
Here is the information on the camera.

~ v4l2-ctl -V
Format Video Capture:
Width/Height : 1280/720
Pixel Format : ‘MJPG’
Field : None
Bytes per Line : 0
Size Image : 1843200
Colorspace : sRGB
Transfer Function : Default (maps to sRGB)
YCbCr/HSV Encoding: Default (maps to ITU-R 601)
Quantization : Default (maps to Full Range)
Flags :

Thanks in advance! :)

Please refer to the steps in
Jetson Nano FAQ
Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?