Issue while creating Map using Isaac ROS Nvblox

Please refer the image attached. I am using Isaac ROS 2.0 and Nvidia Docker Container for this task.
I am using RealSense D435i camera attached on AMR. While generating the map, when we revisit any scene then we have this type of behavior. I think the loop closure is not detected properly.

What does the value with pink color is representing here? It is the unknown value or It has detected it as obstacle? The value for unknown in static_map_slice data is 1000 by default. If we want to change it to verify then how can we change it?

It is creating problem with navigation as well. How to solve it? The save_map service is also not working.

If we want to move in Isaac ROS 3.0 from here then what is procedure we need to follow? I want to use it Docker only. Please provide the steps for it.

Hi @Vatsal_28

Thank you for your detailed message. I noticed that you are currently working with a RealSense camera. We made a fix a few days ago on the package, and it may be the cause of this behavior.

To fix the issue in the demo, you can simply run sudo apt-get update and then reinstall the package to resolve it.

Let me know if this error is happening again.