Issue While Generating High, Low output Logic in GPIO of Jetson Nano Developor Kit 4GB

Hi, I very new to Jetson Nano Developer Kit, I have been doing a project on this kit, Project Details will not be useful, I will come to the main point, I want to send Digital Logic Signal to Arduino using GPIO of Developer Kit, then Arduino will take further action according to received logic, Logic can be High or Low, Issue I’m facing while doing this, It does changes the output whatever logic I assigned to a particular pin output voltage remains same at 3.3V, Can anyone tell me how to generate signal using GPIO pins and which pin will be best for this task you can find the code below, Which I used for GPIO, Thank You.
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup(7, GPIO.OUT) #Pin no 7 output
GPIO.setup(7, 1) #ON
GPIO.setup(7, 0) #OFF

Hi @eehiky007,

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Thank you.