Issue with "Flash the rootfs onto the system's internal eMMC"

I use the flashing command: “sudo ./ jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1” to flash my TX1, but always show error messages below

[ 0.2840 ] Sending BCTs
[ 0.2845 ] tegrarcm --download bct P2180_A00_LP4_DSC_204Mhz.bct
[ 0.2850 ] USB communication failed.Check if device is in recovery
[ 0.2960 ]
Error: Return value 8
Command tegrarcm --download bct P2180_A00_LP4_DSC_204Mhz.bct
Failed flashing t210ref.

After that, I use command: “lsusb” but do not see the presence of the USB device “0955:7721” from the Linux host environment.

Now I cannot flash my TX1(nothing shows up) and cannot boot up the development system back to ubuntu(nothing appears on display or serial port).

My host machine is done under PC with Ubuntu 14.04

Please help me to solve this problem, thank you very much!

If the supplied micro-B USB cable is used, then cabling requirements are met (any micro-B would work, the micro-A type would fail).

If the device is not in recovery mode, try holding recovery button down while either tapping the reset button if the unit is already powered, or holding the recovery button down while tapping the power button if the unit was not powered (plugging the cord in of course works for tapping power on). You can immediately let go of the recovery button after that.

On the host side, if you use a VM, you may just have a config issue for the VM…it would appear to the flash software that the device is not in recovery mode.