Issue with product license


I have recently requested a license for PGI Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Workstation, 018AL-WD-F, through nVidia OpenACC ToolKit program.

Currently I have installed the packaged on my computer running Ubuntu 15.04 64bit system. I have not been successful with the permanent license file I generated online. When I issue the pgfortran command, there would be an error prompt:

pgfortran: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: No such feature exists.
Feature: pgi-f95-lin64
License path: /opt/pgi/license.dat:
FlexNet Licensing error:-5,357
For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation, available at ""

To debug the problem, I have requested to delete the previously created permanent license. After the old license was deleted, I created a new license using PGI’s online interface, and I did not change the default values showed up on the web page. I then placed the new license.dat in the pgi folder, changed the access privileges to 644. However this still did not work. I finally tried to use the 90 days trial license sent to me in email earlier, and everything worked fine.

I would appreciate if you could take a look at my account and advise on how I should modify the installation or the license file. Thanks!


The license problem you are seeing is the result of our mistakes.

  1. The OTK you are using should include the PGI 15.7 release, and not
    the PGI 15.9 release. We have restored 15.7 to the website.
    We will be releasing a new OTK in the future.

  2. The license generated had a flaw in it that did not manifest itself until
    release 15.9 came out. We have corrected this problem.

So use the 15.7 based OTK, and go online and ‘display’ the license.
It now looks like this.

SERVER ne-grad008 c4e9840b54fe 27000
DAEMON pgroupd
PACKAGE PGI2015-700428 pgroupd 2015.0701 E4FC8AAD6981
COMPONENTS=“pgfortran pgcc pgc++” OPTIONS=SUITE SIGN=“14F6
2D0F 57C1 A7C1 0A60 4A9E 8573 1728 23B1 7B25 5098 676A 2CD1
E448 6BE6 0BC6 B8D7 42FF FD29 51DB 19DF 6405 709E 67BC 2CFA
6804 3576 182B D126 8BF4”
FEATURE PGI2015-700428 pgroupd 2015.0701 20-aug-2016 1 797DFF58785D
VENDOR_STRING=700428:4 HOSTID=c4e9840b54fe PLATFORMS=“unidev
39B7 F7F2 4886 D174 D25E 6DFF 99FD FE59 E6F6 35B8 2E2C 7159
ED51 2214 0D03 1408 9723 1B17 3F22 4978 FBE3 0B4B 38B9 FF5A
B3C8 39C2 FDF1 D75D BBDA”

And things should work now.