Issues booting Jetson NX to NVME


One of our customers have purchased SSD drives for the NVME port. they set the system to boot to NVME by default, but ~40% of the time they boot into MMC. A few more reboots and a Nano/Nx on our customised carrier board will eventually get to NVME, but they are concerned this indicates a fundamental problem with this mode.

Note they have using this code to change the boot drive:

Specifically these scripts:
rootOnNVMe/ at master · jetsonhacks/rootOnNVMe · GitHub and rootOnNVMe/ at master · jetsonhacks/rootOnNVMe · GitHub

Can you advise if NVME is supported as the primary boot system? if not what is the best method you suggest?

I would suggest you can provide the log and also what is the definition of “40% time” first.

The jetson hacks page is not maintained by us so we didn’t know what their tools are doing. According to the name, it looks like mount file system from nvme but not boot from nvme.

Xaver series not yet support boot from nvme, only support rootfs on nvme.

Hi thanks for that. I will comeback with customer data.

Just a thought: The non-rootfs content, which is not on the external media (assuming this is an eMMC model), often has a default of a search order to finding the rootfs. If the NVMe is not ready at the moment of searching there, then it might move on to searching for other media. Consider looking at docs on how to modify the boot environment’s search order and actually removing other media if desired, or at least increasing the time spent waiting for NVMe to be ready prior to moving on. Sorry, I can’t help with those specifics, I have no NVMe.

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