Jetson NX and NVME

I have a NVIDIA NX SOM (Production Module) and NVME. I had these installed on an Aetina AN810 board. I had set up boot from nvme using the this link: Jetson Xavier NX - Run from SSD - JetsonHacks
After this, when I rebooted, it booted from the nvme and I was a happy camper!

Somehow I fried the board, and then moved my NVIDIA SOM and NVME to the new Aetina AN810. After this I am no longer able to boot from the NVME. My NVME drive shows unmounted and when I mount it and reboot, it does not get mounted again automatically.
I went to the disk manager and review the the settings (via edit mount options), it is set to user settings defaults and all options underneath are disabled. If I disable the user settings defaults, then the mount point and identify as have a guid and on reboot it does not work either. Any suggestions?

My thinking was if I moved the SOM and the same NVME to the new board everything should work as all hardware is in tact. It will be new board but really should impact any o/s settings. Maybe I was wrong with that assumption?

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Using a new board means you may need to flash the new board’s QSPI-NOR (basically the EEPROM) to tell it to boot from the NVME SSD instead of looking on the eMMC or for a microSD card. I know this is true with the Nvidia carrier boards, I’d imagine something similar has to be done for the Aetina boards as well.

@matt_h but the process I used to boot from nvme didn’t do anything to the eeprom. It is still allowing the system to boot from SOM but there is a service which which switches it to boot from nvme. So what I am seeing with this switch to new som is that the nvme memory is being mounted automatically where’s as on the old board after I installed the nvme and configured it I never had to mount the nvme manually. It mounted on boot and with this new board it is not doing that.

It would be better to align what you have done so far and what is the issue here.

My understanding to your issue

  1. There are two AN810 board. One NX module.

  2. You put NVMe and module to first board. Works fine

  3. Not sure what happened to first carrier board, and you moved the NX module and NVMe drive to the second board. Cannot boot or just cannot find the NVMe drive?

There is no eeprom change required and it is not related to your issue.

You can try to dump the log from serial console so that we can see what is going on there.

BTW, if you don’t know how to dump uart log from AN810, please consult with Aetina. We don’t have their board schematic no cannot tell.

@WayneWWW - so here is the scenario (not far off from what you have)

  1. There are two AN810 boards
  2. I installed a NVIDIA Xavier NX SOM and NVME, loaded the Jetpack 4.4, formatted the driver and set to boot from nvme. All worked as expected.
  3. The AN810 board from #2 gets busted, and I remove the Xavier NX and NVME from #2 and install it onto the new AN810 board (new board).
  4. The new board when booting up for some reason is not mounting the nvme on boot. It is there so I can mount it manually, but because it is not being mounted automatically on boot it is booting from the o/s on the SOM rather than the root on nvme.
    I will try to get the UART from the jetson and post it here.

If this is jp4.4, then dumping kernel log may also help here. Since boot from nvme is added after jp.4.6, what you do on jp4.4 is handled by kernel.

attached boot log
dmesg-k-w.txt (93.5 KB)

Do you keep the log from your old board?

According to your kernel log, your boot device is still /dev/mmcblk0p1.

You can try to change it to your nvme device in /boot/extlinux/extlinx.conf on your emmc and see if it can mount your nvme drive.

@WayneWWW - no i dont have the logs from the old board. how would I change that to boot from extlinx.conf if I dont know how the nvme is mounted. Current configuration on the nvme when I look through “Disks” in ubuntu says it is “user session defaults” and I have mount on start up checked (but that setting is uneditable if the user session default is checked).
What would be the mount point and identify as labels?

Check your /dev and there would be a nvme partition.

Use mount command to see if you can mount it and check the content first.

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