Issues with RTX 4080 on Ubuntu 20.04

Despite the fact that I installed the 525 version of the driver, the GPU is still not recognized and Graphics keeps using llvmpipe (LLVM 12.0.0, 256 bits).
I have tried 535 version too, using different ways of installation but to no avail.
I am somehow stuck and I would highly appreciate your help.


I’ve had a similar problem with an RTX 3060 since the driver update in June. Have you found a solution?

Best regards

Not yet.
I have been told to disable Secure Boot but after doing it, my notebook doesnt boot, it gets stuck in black screen.

Finally, I did make it work. Here it is the saga I had to go through:
After I installed Ubuntu 20.04 as a sole OS and experienced the above mentioned issues, I decided to reinstall Windows. Then, I upgraded the BIOS and disabled Secure Boot.
After it run with Windows with Secure Boot disabled, I had to disable Bit Locker to install Ubuntu alongside WIndows.
Then, I followed the common steps of installing the NVidia driver and it is working.
Hope this works for you too.

Notebook: HP Omen 16
GPU: NVidia RTX 4080
Working Driver Version: 535

Who told you that? or did you find it in the internet?

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