J40 usb typec use as host mode with user build Image

Hi, nv team:
I’m testing the flash usb typec port (J40) work in host mode

  after I success flash the orin agx with sdkmanager. the system can detect my typec usbhub that are plug in the J40 port. and  it work well.

  when I build the Image from the source file, and replace the follow three files  on the orin agx
       * Image
       * tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dtb
       * nvgpu.ko
 I reboot the system, the system can normally setup. but when I plug in the typec usbhub , it can not detect it. the dmesg show noting, what the matter???
any suggestion may be help, thx.

follow is the dmesg when use the Image I built.

dmesg.txt (82.6 KB)

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We will release 5.0.2 GA soon. Once it is public, please upgrade and give it a try. 5.0.1 DP is developer preview and it is possible to have certain issues.

i,m using orin 64g module. can 5.0.2 GA support?

No, please contact with your Nvidia representative.

For 64GB, do you mean DRAM size? Or size of emmc?

I mean emmc size.

By the way, I have try the new 5.0.2GA can not resolve the problem.

Do you observe the issue on Orin developer kit? If yes, please share your steps so that we can follow the steps to replicate the issue and check.

I just follow the sdkmanager step to flash the Orin developer kit. after flash the jetson linux, the sdk will continue to flash Jetson sdk components. just like below

usually, it continue flash through the usb(typec cable connect to J40 in orin), but in my case the host can not detect the orin through usb(although the orin already has boot successfully). and lsusb show noting about nvidia.

so I continue with ETH and finish the whole process in sdk.

I reset the orin many times, the J40 typec port can not be used in host mode . when I port a typec usb hub, it make nothing for the system, the dmesg has noting increase.

that all I do

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Could you also attach the dmesg here?

jetpack5.0.2-dmesg.log (81.2 KB)

We are checking this. As of now please use ethernet connection to complete installation.

I’m actually having the same issue, I would be interested in seeing the solution. The flash works just fine, and I can even plug in a monitor and access the system normally, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to use the USB-SSH function to install the SDK components. I got around it by connecting it to the internet and using the ethernet option for this step, but I would like to know whats going on with the usb ssh functionality. This is part of the L4T USB Device Mode functionality right? I can see that the main service is running, but the run time system service for it is inactive, and manually restarting the service brings the l4t interface up in ifconfig, but no devices I connect to over USB-C seem to recgonize it as a valid ethernet connection for ssh

Usb-ssh service is based on type C usb device mode.

Current situation is type C device mode has something wrong in kernel driver level. So userspace side service would not work fine either.

If you ping the device at just the right time when doing it, sometimes the connection establishes properly, at least with an older model AGX(not sure about Orin though).

hi @WayneWWW ,

the problem is still here. I will give some update , I really need your help.

I have try 5.0.2GA.

I build the kernel from source code and regenerate the pinmux dtsi.
also in order to adapt my custom board i change the e2prom read size from 100 to 0.

after full flash the orin module(the module is from the devkit). the usb typec J40 can work well on devkit. it can recoginize the usb typc hub. but it can not work on my custom board.
when i plugin the usb typec hub, the dmesg show noting.

here is the two dmesg. can you help to analysis the two files about the flash typec work mode.
any suggestion will be help!

Do you have identical USB lane mapping as developer kit? Two type-C port and one type-A port? Or you have custom design?

on our custom board, we only have a single usb typec for flashing the image. Also we use this typec port as host port after the system has setup.

the usb lanes used are same as developer kit. I did change any this about usb in software
by the way, in recovery mode I can flash orin module. it just can not work in host mode after the system setup.

the sch about our usb typec

any update? @DaneLLL @WayneWWW @kayccc

By default the type-C port on Orin developer kit supports OTG. If your type-C port is designed for host mode only, it acts more like a type-A port. Please refer to adaptation guide to modify device tree.

I support there’s some ting mistake.

our typec port support both device and host mode

on our custom board the device mode work well. because I can flash the orin in recovery mode.

but after the system setup, when I plugin the usb-typec hub, the demsg show noting , I think the typec host mode not work