Java JDK 8 early access : problems to install


I’ve been trying for few hours to install Java 8 to use later Eclipse (for Java Developers) on my TX1 board.
Java 7 worked well actually but our code uses Java 8 libraries…

I’ve seen on NVIDIA forum that Java JDK 8 early access should work so I downloaded on this website JDK 32-bit Linux tar.gz. Then in my Documents directory :

tar zxvf Filename.tar.gz
java -version
bash : java : command not found

According to this site, it should be installed.
What steps are missing to make java work ?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


You need to add ~/Documents/jdk1.8.0_77/bin (or whatever the path to the bin directory you extracted is) to your PATH. Or specify the full path when running it instead of just “java”.