Java JDK capable of running JavaFX applications on Jetson boards with OpenGL acceleration

Hi there,

regarding the use of the Jetson boards (I have both a TX2 and a Nano), I should consider whether it is possible to use a java application (possibly jdk 8u112 based) that uses the jfx library with OpenGL acceleration.

I didn’t find any useful and up-to-date information except that probably I have to use openjdk and openjfx.

Could you give me some links about a complete working package?

Thx in advance

  • Stefano

There is no Java involved in each L4T releases, so it is highly possible it does not work.
If there is Java packages for arm64(aarch64), you may give it a try. Don’t see many discussions about running Java on Jetson platforms, but probably some users can share experience.

I’m using A LOT of Java (including Java FX and JCuda) in my SBC’s projects (jetson nano, rbpi’s and odroids XU4).

I’ve sent you a private message yesterday about this question.

Please let me know if you have other questions.