JetPack 4.2.2 - L4T R32.2.1 update with DeepStream 4.0.1

Looks you guys updated downloads couple days ago and now points to 1kb zip file that contains .lnk file - and not an actual image.

Can you fix it???

Same here. I got 2 kb unworkable shortcut file that link to “”\linux4tegra\l4t\Releases\Engineering Releases\ER-2019-10-20_l4t-l4t-r32.2-8gb_r32.2.1-respin\T210\""

I found direct link on previous version:

@viktorglz0t Thank you

Hi all, the issue with the Nano image should be fixed now - can you retry and let us know if you still have problems downloading? Thanks.

The link is working right now. Thanks a lot

SDK Manager, great idea except for requiring a Windows based Workstation with Linux! What, we don’t have enough to wade through to use the Nano? Just ‘fixing’ the latest OS release took an hour, someone left a ton of unused libraries that caused apt to choke when trying to install any application, Chrome even died trying to update it’s self.
I just noticed that one of the components of this OS is SDK Manager? How does that work? Where is it? How do you launch it?

Where do I find java that will run on this Jetson Nano ARM x64? It is not at Oracle…
After a while I discovered that 8.231 JDK has an ARM version, download and expand, no building from source!

Hi kangusz1fss, SDK Manager requires an Ubuntu-based x86_64 PC, not Windows. Also you can flash the pre-built SD card image for Nano from Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.

SDK Manager is only installed/run on the host PC, not on the target Jetson.

If needed, you can also see these posts about installing other JDK versions on Nano:

I downloaded

The md5sum does not match. Downloaded twice, same check sum.

Etcher would not burn it in.

Hi repeatingshadow, thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it.

For the time being, are you able to use the previous image?

I unzipped the r32.2.3 to an iso file and used Startup Disk Creator to burn the SD. It works!
The Etcher problem I was getting might not be related to he checksum mis-match.
Thanks guys.

Thanks repeatingshadow. The download for the r32.2.3 image for Nano should now be fixed from the website.