JetPack 4.4 Install keeps failing on nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-apo_32.4.3-20200408182620_arm64.deb

Keep getting the following error when trying to install Jetpack 4.4 on xavier p2888-0001

error:[error]: dpkg install on target failed; [exec_command]:
safe_apt_install "sudo dpkg -i /opt/nvidia/deb_depos/…

The .deb has been downloaded to the target, but SDKManager fails when the dpkg for the multimedia.deb returns an error??

Running the command on the target – pre-depends on nvidia-l4t-core > 32.4-0, which has not been installed yet by sdkmanager…Is there a way to fix?

Hi blue_redd,

What image are you flashing?
You can use below command to check image version:
$ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

Please make sure the device is flashed with the same JetPack version before install sdk components.

Hi Carolyuu,

I was trying to flash Jetpack 4.4 on Xavier AGX that was previously flashed at Jetpack 4.2 I believe. After many attempts, I went to Jetpack 4.3, then upgraded to 4.4 using “apt” . It would be interesting to know how manuy upgrades from pre-4.3 jetpack to 4.4 jetpack has installation issues… But all is well now and I’m on Jetpack 4.4 now…and I cant wait to try out new features in Cuda 10.2

Hi blue_redd,

You can follow OTA update steps to upgrade JP-4.3 to JP-4.4.