Jetson Xavier AGX:Multimedia API - target: First error

I am installing jetpack 4.6 on Nvidia Xavier AGX. At the last stage, i am facing the error during Multimedia API installation. Following is the error

Error:Multimedia API - target: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages
Error:Multimedia API - target: unhandled error when running sudo apt-get -y --allow-downgrades install /opt/nvidia/deb_repos/nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api_32.6.1-20210726122859_arm64.deb
Summary: Multimedia API - target: First error: API system is broken and requires manual fix.
I have also execute sudo apt update, sudo apt --fix-broken install from host. I couldn’t succeed.

Following is the log i got from json file.

“Username”: “User not logged in yet”,
“Date”: “2021-10-26 15:29:59”,
“Feedback_Type”: “GA Fail Feedback”,
“Comment”: “COMP NV_L4T_MULTIMEDIA_API_TARGET_POST_INSTALL_T194_COMP#32.6 Failed. Command error code: 503,”,
“SDKMClientVersion”: “”,
“Include_System_Info”: true,
“Attach_Additional_Files”: true,
“Processor”: “Intel(R) Core™ i7-10710U CPU @ 1.10GHz”,
“Memory_Space”: “16.54 GB”,
“Operating_System”: “ubuntu1804”

I am installing from virtual box and my host pc doesn’t have gpu.
NVIDIA SDK Manager: sdkmanager_1.7.0-8846_amd64.deb

Kindly let me know how to fix it.

This is the problem, the SDK manger can’t work well on VM, please find a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04.

Thanks for your kind reply.
I have one more question,

Can i use Centos in host machine to flash the jetpack on Xavier Agx which comes with Ubuntu preinstalled. Is that ok to use ? or the host machine should also be in ubuntu rather than centos.
Kindly reply.

There is no test done with Centos, we don’t know if can work.
The Ubuntu OS as host is still the suggestion.



As per the official link, SDK manager support is there. Kindly find the attached image for your reference. Kindly clarify, this is not been tested yet?

Murugan G

As mentioned at System Requirements :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation:

Please refer to the system requirements for the specific DRIVE, Jetson, Clara AGX, Rivermax, DOCA, or Ethernet Switch product release you are installing. While SDK Manager supports the above host operating systems, you need to verify the SDK package supports the host OS; the requirements are set by the SDK package you are installing.

For JetPack, please find a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04.


Ok Thanks!

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