Jetpack 5.0.2 stuck at pcie configuration on xavier NX


I have a custom carrier board on which I am trying to port my changes to Jetpack 5.0.2 from Jetpack 4.6. I am getting troubles regarding the bootup and pcie controllers bringup. Using a forum topic, I am at a stage where I am using debug uefi binary, disabled both pcie controllers in uefi dtb file and enabled both pcie controllers in the kernel dtb. You can see attached logs for more information.

The forum topic I used is placed below:

xavier-nx-boot-stuck.log (104.4 KB)
Boot log

Please provide more information of your board design with PCIe, and your requirement.

pcie@14160000 which is x1 configuration, that is connected to NVMe drive of 64GB (nvme0n1) whereas pcie@141a0000 which is x4 configuration, that is connected to a Gen3 PCIe switch as a root complex.

So what is the exact point that you think has problem? I mean have you figured out where it got stuck? In kernel or in UEFI?

Your log shows it seems in kernel but I want to double confirm it again as you are using UEFI debug build.

Firstly when I started work on this, it was stuck in UEFI stage, then the forum told to use Debug UEFI binary and make a seperate dtb for bootloader where I need to disable both the pcie controllers, and in kernel dtb I need to enable both pcie controllers. So I confirm that now it stucks in kernel stage.

Ok, could you disable that pcie controller and see if it is nvme that causes failure?

I disabled pcie@141a0000 and flashed the device and it didn’t stuck at this point. But I need to enable both PCIe controllers and that is the final requirement.

If I disable the pcie@14160000 and enable pcie@141a0000 and flash the device, it stuck at the iommu grouping stage. Please see the logs attached.
pcie.1416000-disable.log (31.6 KB)

Can anyone help in this matter? This is an urgent requirement.

Just disable it in UEFI stage and keep it enabled in kernel stage first.

I already did this and attached related log file in the previous post. Please check.

Can anyone help in this matter? This is an urgent requirement.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

yes, it is still an issue. Please advise.

Please move to use the latest JetPack 5.1.1 release. Thanks

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