Jetpack 5.1 - Stuck flashing to USB flash key

Dear Everyone,

I was trying to flash the Jetpack 5.1 into the 64-GB Sandisk USB key. I selected Jetson Linux, Jetson Runtime Components and Jetson SDK Components as well.

But after flashing the Jetson Linux, the sdkmanager asked :

On the board side, it was stuck at following screens even-though I tried to input ESC, F11, Enter or any key before the timeout :

It seems that they keyboard did not have any effect.

Do you struggle with the same issue, please ?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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Hi khang.l4es,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?

It seems something wrong detected in UEFI.
Could you help to provide the serial console log for further check?

Hi @KevinFFF ,

We are using the following carrier board from Aetina, partner of Nvidia : Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board - AN810 | NVIDIA Embedded Platform | Edge AI Computing Platform || Aetina Corporation

However, I am not sure if flashing the USB storage directly from the SDKmanager works well. I think that I will do that manually on host PC by following steps here : Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

But I haven’t known what is the for Jetson Xavier NX in the step #4 of To set up a flash drive manually for booting. Where can I find the BOARDIDm BOARDSKU and FAB of Jetson Xavier NX production module?

And in step #2 of To set up a flash drive manually for using as root file system , should I put the board (with USB storage plugged into it) in Recovery Mode ?

Best Regards,

This is a custom board from Aetina. You could not use SDKM to flash the custom.
You may request for the BSP package from your vendor first and use to flash your board.

You could find a list at the bottom of Linux_for_Tegra/tools/kernel_flash/README_initrd_flash.txt.

Yes, you should be in force recovery state whenever you use or to flash the board.

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