Custom Carrier Board Booting Stuck @ Exiting boot services and installing virtual address map

The Jetson Xavier NX SOM is eMMC flashed with Jetpack version 5.0.2 (kernel version 35.1) and works perfectly fine with NVIDIA DK board. But the same SOM is not working with custom carrier board that contains just UART interface. While booting its getting stuck with the message “Exiting boot services and installing virtual address map…”. The custom carrier board is thoroughly tested w.r.t hardware aspect and not having any issue.
Please help us in resolving this issue…

You need to enable the UEFI log by rebuild the UEFI binary. This will enable more logs.

I am curious, was the device tree modified with respect to any changes in carrier board?

Yes, we have randomly disabled some of the interfaces (that are not present in the carrier board) in the device tree file and tried to reboot by placing the SOM on the custom carrier board, but no luck.
Can you please tell us if there is any systematic procedure to modify the device tree file with respect to the carrier board?

Thank you in advance.

All of the “guide” documents are related:$product,jetson_xavier_nx

Probably the most relevant for you would be:

  • Jetson Xavier NX Pinmux Table

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