Custom Carrier board Reboot issue for Jetson Xavier NX

Hi Team,
I have Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX Custom Carrier board ,
we able to boot successfully boot in NaNo SOM module ,
but at the time of NX SOM booting it continuously reboot it self.
can any one guide me on that .
attaching logs with and without SD card inserted on Xavier NX SOM module .
JetCarrier_log_02 (2.0 MB)
JetCarrier_log_SD_Remove (159.9 KB)

hello nikunj.mehta,

what’s the release image version you’ve flash to the SD card. are you sharing the same carrier board with Nano and NX?

Hi Jerry

We have Same Carrier Board for Nano and Nx SOM module

Nx SOM image -

Nano SOM image -
For Jetson Nano Developer Kit:- “


This thread has another duplciated post here. I see no difference between these two. Should check from hardware design first.

Hi Jerry

yes it is same .
but i need further Hardware assistance so this new thread created.

can any one help me to figure out in which section of hardware interface i have to look and made some correction ,
I compare custom carrier board design with Devkit design it looks similar only difference was we have some extra I2C device in our design .

Did you read the design guide document or not?

are you talking about “Jetson_Xavier_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09693-001_v1.3” this document ?

The lastest version should be 1.5.

Let me refer latest one . Thank you for the information .

Hi Wayne,

I referred design guide . but seems like we follow all details ,
one thing I observer related to “POWER_EN” signal observing POWER_EN low pulse repetitively and that will sink with Reboot sequence .

also observing 5V supply drop at the time of Low pulse on POWER_EN .

There is no 5V drop in your waveform. POWER_EN is an input to module, it should not have a drop during power on.
Please compare your design to P3509 schematic first.

thank you for your feedback ,

we disconnect POWER_EN signal connection from MCU and provide Hardware High signal with RC delay . and now NX boot successfully . i think that low pulse give by MCU logic .

So you mean it works well after correct your MCU action?

Yes .

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