Jetpack 5.0 & VPI2.0 - run

We are having issues with the sample applications provided with VPI2.0 and Jetpack 5.0. When running the samples, we get the error VPI_ERROR_INTERNAL(EGL_BAD_DISPLAY) when calling vpiStreamCreate. We checked that the installed VPI libraries match what is distributed with the r34.1 debian repositories, and that the versions of the libraries related to EGL match the ones in a Jetson with a newly flashed Jetpack 5.0. Note that we are still using kernel 4.9.253 since we cannot easily upgrade to 5.10.65 yet.

Any inputs how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


EGL_BAD_DISPLAY might be caused by the failure when opening the display.
Do you have a physical display connected to the XavierNX?

If you link the device via ssh, would you mind trying the following command to see if it helps?

$ export DISPLAY=:0


Thanks for your reply!

Do you have a physical display connected to the XavierNX?

No we don’t

$ export DISPLAY=:0

We’ll try this and report back.

This unfortunately did not help. However, this issue is not of high importance anymore as we for now operate only on vanilla Jetpack 5.0 without a custom kernel. Thanks for your inputs!

Thanks for the update.
Please file a new topic if you need this in the future.

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