VPI Stereo-Disparity example fails with VPI_ERROR_INTERNAL

I am trying to run the vpi_sample_02_stereo_disparity example but I get the error shown in the image

Any suggestions/ideas on why this could be? Thanks

Looks like the nvmedia version need at least v2.3 to support it.
Did you try on the latest release BSP(Jetpack 4.3)?

I see. I tried reinstalling the Jeston SDK Components via the SDK Manager but the Multimedia API fails. Would that be related?
Also, do I need to flash the Jeston OS image or can I just update the SDK Components? My Xavier currently has Jetpack 4.2.3 installed.


Yes, you need to reflash your Jetson with JetPack 4.3 to make it work. You can’t independently upgrade the packages, as there are dependencies on the core L4T/CUDA driver versions (this is like the error message you were seeing about nvmedia driver version).

Note that once you re-flash your device with JetPack 4.3, in the future you will be able to upgrade it to new JetPack releases from the command line via APT without re-flashing the entire device. This is because JetPack 4.3 enables a new APT package server which is a repository of all the NVIDIA JetPack packages ( see here for more info). However to get on JetPack 4.3 you still need to re-flash with SDK Manager - and for future JetPack releases (>4.3) you would no longer need to.