Jetpack 5.1 - Is boot from SD Card supported for ORIN AGX?


According to this topic there was an issue with booting from SD card for jetpack 5.0.
I have upgraded my development kits (orin agx and xavier nx) to jetpack 5.1. Is boot from SD card supported?

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Hi rinat.m,

Sorry, the link looks corrupted or the topic has been removed so that I can not see that.

Yes, it should support boot from SD.
You could refer to the following instruction to do this.
Flashing Support — Flashing with initrd(Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation)

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You are right. I fixed the link. I will try to use the guide



Just to clarify for me - Was it fixed in 5.1? because it was an issue in 5.0.2

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It should be supported.

Could you help to use current Jetpack5.1.1(R35.3.1) to verify?
If there’s any issue, then we could debug on the latest version.

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