How to use an SD card as a system disk?

I want to use the SD card as the system disk and change eMMC to store data. What should I do if I boot with an SD card?

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I burned the IMAG file into the SD card, which already has an internal system ( Next, do I need to change the startup mode of Jetson module to SD card? Jetson’s current system is in eMMC.

Please tell me what platform you are using.

Jetson AGX Orin

Then you should not use Xavier NX’s sdcard image. Please understand what platform you are using before trying anything…

We don’t provide sdcard image for Orin. The method to make Orin to boot from SD is more compliated.

If you still want to try, then we can share the method later.

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I would like to try using SD boot,


How should I operate it? What version of the image should I use.
I think it’s a bit complicated to operate

I will share the method later.


Sorry that we just checked. Orin is not yet able to support to boot from sd. UEFI bootloader will give out error.

Is it acceptable to use nvme or usb driver for you?

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Thank you for your reply.

Last week I booted with an SD card, which could be an illusion caused by a failed configuration.

Nvme and USB drivers I don’t know yet if this solution will be combined with practical applications, I need to confirm.

Uploading: image.png…

Is it the mirrored version? What if I switch to another version of the image?

This is not the problem of the image version.

It is we don’t support Orin to support booting from sdcard now. Need to investigate what goes wrong.

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I will stop the SD card startup plan.

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We will have steps in document for this use-case in next release. Please wait for next production release.