How to install a new system in JetSon AGX ORIN

This is my first time using this device. Currently, I need to install a new system on it, but its internal flash memory has a factory shipped ubuntu system, which cannot be removed and burned. I have burned my system installation program to an SD card. How can I enter the boot program when Jetson Agx Orin boots, choose to boot from the SD card, and then execute the system installation process like entering the BIOS?"; Is there another way to run the system installer on my SD card?

Hi user92740,

Are you using the devkit from NVIDIA or custom board for AGX Orin?

That is L4T (Linux for Tegra) installed in the board, which is based on Ubuntu and with configuration for Jetson device.

What is your system? Is that other operation system?

To flash image into SD card, you could refer to the following instruction.
Flashing Support — Flashing to an SD Card

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I am using the Jetson Agx orin developer kit. I need to install a Kirin system, which is a system made in China. I have burned the system installation program to an SD card.". I need to install this program into Jetson’s memory. What should I do? Do you want to boot up like a PC and enter the BIOS boot program to select a boot disk? "I read the link you sent me to image the system in flash memory into an SD card, which does not match what I want to do.

Sorry, I haven’t heard about this 3rd-party os for Jetson and we don’t verify and know if it could work as normal on the devkit.

If your Orin currently could boot up with internal eMMC, you could interrupt boot in UEFI(when it shows NVIDIA log at boot up) and select your SD card as boot device.

Thank you for your help!

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