Jetson Orin AGX cannot boot up after upgrading to Jetpack 5.1.1

I have a Jetson Orin AGX and recently I have been updating it to Jetpack 5.1.1 using this guide: How to Install JetPack :: NVIDIA JetPack Documentation.

After using it for a while, The system cannot boot up anymore, Is there any way I can reset the Jetson AGX Orin to the factory setting? The Jetson device has never been flashed with an SD card before and currently I don’t have any spare Ubuntu Linux machine to conduct the new SD card flashing.

Thank you very much

The Orin AGX does not normally boot to an SD card. Does boot work with the SD card removed? Or is the SD card an attempt to get around eMMC boot failure for repair?

Incidentally, flash, if required, must be with an Ubuntu host PC (for this it can be Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04). VMs tend to fail, but if USB is set up correctly, they can be made to work (WSL2 has additional problems requiring addition of loopback capability in the kernel).

FYI, Jetsons don’t have an actual BIOS. Thus it is not as simple as flashing to a different device…sometimes the boot content itself must be set up for this via a flash (using a Linux host PC). UEFI simplifies some of this.


couple of reminders here:

  1. AGX Orin does not boot with SD cards, and I have no idea what you are saying here:

The Jetson device has never been flashed with an SD card before

  1. The only way to re-flash an AGX Orin is to use a real Ubuntu PC, and VMs may succeed, but it’s not guaranteed.

If you just want to make sure why it’s not booting up, maybe UART log would be helpful.

Hi, I didn’t know about the SD boot fact. The device was handed to me with Jetpack 4.5 installed already and I was trying to upgrade it to JP5.1 for further software testing and development. After I upgrade to 5.1, and reboot the device, It cannot boot up. How do I check the UART log as suggested?


JetPack 4.5 does not support AGX Orin, so are you sure you are using an AGX Orin, or is it an AGX Xavier?
For UART log, please connect a micro USB cable between your device and your host PC, power on the device, and use picocom to catch log:

sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyACM0

Thanks a lot!, will try this out

Once you’ll get a serial console working, assuming that root fs is eMMC0, you may log in and post the output of:

lsblk /dev/mmcblk0

The sizes of partitions may matter. I faced similar issues with AGX Orin not reflashed at reception (so runnning another L4T release).
Upgrading OTA might have worked for some time, then failed until I resized some partitions for nvidia-l4t-bootlaoder update.
Someone more skilled may check your case.

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