Jetson AGX Orin Jetpack 6.0 cannot start after refreshing and restarts repeatedly

Due to the recent release of Jetpack 6.0, I tried to flash the Jetson AGX Orin to this version, but it failed to start after the flash and kept restarting repeatedly, whether it was flashing to emmc or nvme, using a monitor connected with a DP cable.
My device is Jetson AGX Orin 32G Development Kit
I tried using sdk manager to check jetson platform services and uncheck it when refreshing

This is to refresh the startup log after checking jetson platform services:

This is the refresh startup log of jetson platform services with unchecked:

I also tried using other computers and other ubuntu versions, including ubuntu20.04 and ubuntu22.04, but they still restarted repeatedly.

And I tried to flash to nvme but failed. (210.1 KB)

The log of the sdk manager that was repeatedly restarted after refreshing (158.5 KB)

Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Developer Kit:945-13730-0000-000

Learn to dump the log:

Your screen recording helps nothing at all.

How to solve this refresh failure?

You first get eMMC to work before we can talk about the NVMe failure.

OK I’ll log it later. I’ll get a micro USB first.

This is the serial port log
MobaXterm_COM4USBCOM4_20240508_181546.txt (43.2 KB)

So I think it boots into kernel successfully.
Are you sure it’s a DevKit?

Yes, it still couldn’t be started yesterday, but can it be started today? It’s weird, I’ll try refreshing it again

Hi, I’m facing the same problem flashing JP6 on AGX Orin. I chose for runtime configuration and install on eMMC. Do you have and tips?

log.txt (504.0 KB)
This is my newly refreshed log. It looks like there is a crash.

I tried refreshing many times, but only successfully entered the system twice.


This is a known display issue on JetPack 6.
Please skip OEM config prior to flashing to bypass this error:


可以這樣說 反正你就先照做

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It’s working by skipping OEM config? I reinstall JP5.x and it works normally. Will be some future updates for this bug in SDK manager?

This issue has been fixed. Please let sdkmanger download the package again and reflash your board and it won’t this this issue again.