Jetpack Not Detected Or Missing On Jetson Orin Nano

Hi, I successfully flashed Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit with the Nvidia SDK Manager. Once I run Jtop on the dev kit, it states that Jetpack is not detected / missing. Is there a step that I’m missing?

Followed these instructions:

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The same condition here, i just updated to JP 5.1.2 and jtop is displaying that jetpack is missing.

is it some support version from jtop for jp 5.1.2? any update that is not yet being released for jtop?

Hi tomekb1979 and encouver,

It seems a 3rdparty package so that we are not familiar with how it check Jetpack.

Do you install SDK components after using SDKM to flash your board?
Or you could use the following command to check if nvidia-jetpack installed?

$ dpkg -l | grep nvidia-jetpack

I used command line to install jetpack
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack I just flashed my device and starting from scratch.

Looking at the instructions in Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit User Guide - Software Setup they state to " From the Hardware Configuration panel, de-select “Host Machine” and select Jetson AGX Orin module for Target Hardware." Is this correct? I’m using Jetson Orin Nano dev kit and when I select Jetson AGX Orin Nano, SDK Manager does not detect the device.

After re-flashing my device with the SDK Manager, I installed the jetpack and Jtop with:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack
sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install -U jetson-stats
sudo reboot

After the board restarted, Jetpack was detected. I’m not sure what went wrong the first time.

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You could use this command or SDK component from SDKM to install Jetpack.

It seems you’ve configured and installed Jetpack as expected for your Jetson Nano devkit.

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