JetPack4.2 using tegra-l4t-r32.1 tag source code to compile kernel Image can't boot up Xavier?

Dear Sir,

I’m using AGX Xavier Develop Kit and JetPack4.2 flash Xavier works fine.

When I compile tegra-l4t-r32.1 version kernel-4.9, and just flash Image to Xavier, then Xavier can’t bootup (Preinstalled JetPack4.2 and using JetPack4.2 L4T official Image bootup correctly).

When I using JetPack4.1 and compile the kernel-4.9 Image, and flash Image to Xavier, it works fine. (JetPack4.1 source code using source_sync too)

Does anyone using JetPack4.2 source_sync, compile and flash kernel Image works fine? By the way, I change nothing of Kernel-4.9, just sync and compile it.

Hi Dennis,

Please add below configuration when compiling kernel image.

Dear WanyWWW,

THanks so much, apply the patch, JetPack4.2 it works fine.